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Damsel in Defense has an amazing special!

Our Pouch o' Pepper Sprays are normally

$10 plus tax, processing and shipping.

Think about safety for you and everyone you know; family, friends and everyone in your circle. 

What a great gift to give someone you do business with as

Your Special Thank You!

Or, you can stash them away for future gift giving!

If you order 10 ($100 value) you'll pay $50 + tax.

I'll pay for processing and shipping! 

How is that for a deal?

Please contact me directly to order!. 

We have 5 beautiful patterns to chose from!


  -   310-973-7660        

Many of us have vivid memories of a safe world. Our children would go out to play or go to a friend's house after school. The general rule was to be home before dark. We left our doors unlocked and if someone came to the door, it was usually a neighbor or Avon calling or another familiar business that we invited in.  We once walked down our streets enjoying the day and we even left our cars unlocked. Today our personal safety is a concern, whether we're at home, walking down the street, in a parking lot, on a road trip or in a hotel room.  Our world has changed.

It is a daily occurrence that we see a personal tragedy on TV; abductions, children being stolen into the sex trafficking trade, assaults, robberies and the absolute worst – a murder. These crimes are occurring every day in every corner of our beautiful country and the frequency is startling.  These victims didn't think it could happen to them - but it did.

Today we have burglar alarms on our cars and in our homes and businesses. We have security doors and need to feel cautious should someone come to our door.  Parents drive their children to school to keep them safe.

The statistics are concerning:

• One in five women will be assaulted in their lifetime
• College-aged women are four times more likely to be assaulted
• One in three women are victims of domestic violence
• 60% of home invasions happen in the daylight hours

Practicing safety requires vigilance and awareness of our surroundings. The use of cell phones, either texting or talking, and wearing ear buds is what a predator is looking for; someone that is distracted. Awareness is our most important defense for safety – our Gut Instinct.

Think about your own personal safety and the safety of those you love.

August 12, 2016

Don’t be fooled by what appears to be just an eye catching tactical flashlight. This disguised personal protection product features concealed stun technology.

Protect you and those you love!


                  Concealed stun technology

                  200 Lumen 6-inch tactical flashlight

                  USB wall & car charger 

Stun guns are subject to possible area restrictions. For more information ask your

Independent Damsel Pro

Price: $60.00

Our Striking Distance Stun Baton is pure intimidation!  Any would-be attacker won’t need to be close to be within striking distance of you and your defense. 

This is also a great tool should you be in an area and need protection from animals whether you're walking down the street or in a remote location.. Setting it off is a good warning deterrent.

Not only is the end of this unit sensored, there are sensor strips on the sides for your 'striking distance'.

This unit needs to be charged in an electrical source. 

Features: LED flashlight, rechargeable, disable pin, ergonomic grip, 12 inch reach, comes with black nylon holster 

NOTE: Stun Guns are restricted and cannot be shipped to the following areas: Bellingham, WA, Newark, DE, New Castle County, DE, Wilmington, DE, District Of Columbia, Philadelphia, PA, CT, HI, IL, MA, MD, MI, NJ, NY, RI and WI

Price: $60.00

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