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Junk In The Trunk Roadside Kit
Auto Emergency Kit

Be prouder than ever of the junk in your trunk with this kit that contains everything you would need for a roadside “HERmergency!”

• Provides peace of mind in the event of a dead battery or brief auto emergency
• Provides necessary tools to wait for help or alert others
• Reflective tape makes bag easily visible
Kit includes:
• Heavy-duty reflective zip up case • Heavy-duty 8-gauge teal & black (250A amp rating) 10-foot-long jumper cables • Adult-sized Rain poncho • Emergency blanket • First aid kit • Dual-function screwdriver (flat and Phillips) • Heavy-duty snow/ice scraper • LED head lamp • Flashing strobe light • Reflective triangle • Waterproof matches • Bungee cord • Tire pressure gauge • Playing cards
• 5 pounds in weight (combined)
• 12.5 inches x 11 inches x 4.5 inches in size

Price: $65.00

Spring/Summer Flyer

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Buy a Step off Personal Alarm & a To Whom It May Concern Tactical Pen & receive 15% off!

 Special Price: $38.25

Protected Pepper

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