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Safety Tips


Use your door and window locks even when you are home during the day.  Daytime burglaries happen every day and are common since the burglars think you are at work.


If someone is attacking you, you must be committed to surviving.  You deserve to go home to your family and friends.


If you close a business alone, make sure to look outside into the garage/parking lot before you leave.  Pull your vehicle up close to the business while people are still at work so you have less distance to walk.


When that inner girl chimes in on a smiley stranger, remember that research shows serial killers and criminals often use the sympathy of empathetic women to bait them into danger (Ted Bundy is one example).  If someone asks for the time, directions, or assistance near a vehicle, just keep moving.  We know you don't want to be rude so just don't kick an innocent man in the shins as you pass.  Be courteous but don't stop.  You can always assist by soliciting assistance from a safe location.


If it's your first instinct to lower your gaze as you walk, it's time to start focusing on holding that head high.  Looking straight into the face of potential attackers is your first deterrent.  Making eye contact has the potential to scare off attackers who worry that you will be able to identify them. 



A second deterrent?  How about a pepper spray or stun gun in your hand that comes with a sign above your head that reads "Warning:  NOT an easy target!"

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