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Hot Lil Hand Pepper Spray

August 27, 2014

As our technology has advanced, everyone has a cell phone:  parents, children and grandparents alike.


We live in a mobile society –  cell phones have become our primary means of communication – and there's no turning back.


Laws have been enacted to prevent using them while driving, but why?   Because they're distracting and have caused a multitude of injuries and deaths.


You see it every day - people with their head down, focused entirely on tapping their keyboard, or wandering with their phone stuck to their ear.   As with driving, this is a distraction, and it's exactly what a predator is looking for; someone who is distracted – an easy target.


Terrifying?  Absolutely.  Ever thought about it?  Maybe?  Does your cell offer personal protection?  Absolutely not – but smaller than your cell phone and powered by .5 ounces, 18% OC (oleoresin capsicum), equal to 2 million SHU (Scoville Heat Units), Hot Lil’ Hand shoots up to 16 feet, features quick-release/one-hand operation, locking/glow-in-the-dark nozzle, UV (ultraviolet) identifying dye, grip clip, safety feature prevents accidental discharge, and a one-size-fits-all grip glove that nestles the unit right in your Hot Lil’ Hand.

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