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Striking Distance Stun Baton

Our Striking Distance Stun Baton is pure intimidation! Any would-be attacker won’t need to be close to be within striking distance of you and your defense.

This is also a great tool should you be in an area and need protection from animals whether you're walking down the street or in a remote location.. Setting it off is a good warning deterrent.

Not only is the end of this unit sensored, there are sensor strips on the sides for your 'striking distance'.

This unit needs to be charged in an electrical source. Features: LED flashlight, rechargeable, disable pin, ergonomic grip, 12 inch reach, comes with black nylon holster NOTE: Stun Guns are restricted and cannot be shipped to the following areas: Bellingham, WA, Newark, DE, New Castle County, DE, Wilmington, DE, District Of Columbia, Philadelphia, PA, CT, HI, IL, MA, MD, MI, NJ, NY, RI and WI

Price: $60.00

#personalsafety #personalprotection #StunGun #StrikingDistance

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