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Road Trip Emergency Auto Tool

Our Emergency Auto Tool belongs in the center console of every vehicle that you and your loved ones use.

Whether you are on a city street, a freeway or traveling on a highway, this tool will give you peace of mind.

If you are a camper, it is an important tool to have should you need emergency assistance or are lost.


Strike-free punch glass breaker Powerful 3-function LED flashlight LED emergency beacon Seat-belt cutter Alarm

Magnetized end to stick on your car door or roof (beacon on) to help emergency services find you

This tool runs on 3 AAA batteries. As with any flashlight, always carry extras.

Give the gift of safety to you and those you love!

#Flashlight #Autotool #Emergencyautotool #Getoutofyourcar #Breakglass #Beacon #Magnatizedend

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