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Step Off Portable Alarm



If someone tries to open your door or window this will sound a

120-decibel alarm to wake you and scare off the intruder!

Homes - Apartments – Hotel Rooms

College Dorms - Store Fronts

Turn it on and set it at your door or work station!

  • Doors

  • Windows - Affix it to your window with the suction cup.

  • Work station - Step on it to sound the alarm!

  • Alzheimer's and Special Needs patient containment.

  • Stop your loved one from wandering away.

Motion sensored - Should it be moved the alarm will sound

Night light included

Linda Benecke - 310-973-7660

#inhomesafety #hotelsafety #motelsafety #alzheimersconfinement #specialneeds

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