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Pouchapalooza Special


Damsel in Defense has an amazing special!

Our Pouch o' Pepper Sprays are normally

$10 plus tax, processing and shipping.

Think about safety for you and everyone you know; family, friends and everyone in your circle.

What a great gift to give someone you do business with as

Your Special Thank You!

Or, you can stash them away for future gift giving!

If you order 10 ($100 value) you'll pay $50 + tax.

I'll pay for processing and shipping!

How is that for a deal?

Please contact me directly to order!.

We have 5 beautiful patterns to chose from!

EMPOWER, EDUCATE, EQUIP - 310-973-7660

#damselindefense #inhomesafety #crime #awareness #personalsafety #hotelsafety #vigilance #predators #protectchildren #motelsafety #personalprotection

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