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Personal Safety and Gas Stations

As is my habit, when I go to the gas station, I lock my van and take my keys. This morning there was a car parked at the next row of pumps, facing the opposite direction from me, his driver's door open as he stood there and watched me, talking on his cell phone. He wasn't speaking English so I had no idea if he was talking about me. It was really creepy and I continued watching him in my normal vigilant manner. I had my Pepper Spray, set to 'on', and a Kubotan on my key ring. It was empowering to know that had there been advancement toward me, I would be able to protect myself. I watched him as he finally drove away, and he was still watching me. Sound paranoid? Nope. Sometimes the most dangerous situation is the one we didn't prepare for. I was prepared. Think about your own personal safety performing this simple task of pumping gas. Do you have something on you, ready to protect you from danger? How about your family and friends and their safety? This is no joke.

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