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Road Trip Saving Lives

To all my followers, this was posted on Social Media and is worth sharing.

A new Damsel in Defense team member shared that a customer from Texas contacted her to share that her brand new Road Trip saved her life during the flooding following the Hurricane. Her car was caught in the rising waters and she cut her seatbelt, punched the window out, and climbed on top of her car holding up the blinking red beacon until help arrived for her. Had she not had our Road Trip, this experience might have ended differently for her.

If you've not considered empowering you and those you love with this valuable safety tool, I hope you'll do so. It might be better to have it and not need it - than need it and not have it. It saved this woman's life!

Don't be a statistic!

If you purchase a Road Trip during the month of September, I'll send you a Damsel gift as my thank you for protecting you and your family. Contact me directly about your purchase, and once verified, your gift will be

on the way! 310-973-7660

Empower Educate Equip

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