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September - Realtor Safety Month

The most dangerous situations can be the ones we don’t prepare for.

As a Realtor, does your daily plan also include your safety?

We have alarms on our homes, cars and businesses, but what about your physical safety? It is important to plan for that “what if" situation and have a "just in case” safety tool.

Your lives and the lives of those you love are more important than anything else.

Many of us may feel that carrying our cell phones for emergencies is sufficient protection. After all, we can dial 911, right? We must remember that predators are opportunists - always looking for the next victim. Predators see our cell phones as a distraction. If threatened a cell phone won’t help in that moment.

Real Estate Professionals are at risk every day. Showing properties and entering vacant apartments and buildings can be dangerous. Being vigilant in observing your surroundings is important to your personal safety.

Being aware of your surroundings is your first line of defense - your “gut instinct”. Secondly, carrying a “safety tool” such as a Pepper Spray or a Stun Gun is another important line of defense. Keeping yourselves safe is serious business. We see tragedies on the news and feel compassion, thinking that it couldn’t happen to us. The unfortunate truth is that some of these tragedies might have been averted by having a safety tool ready to use.

Pepper Spray will cause the predator’s vision to be impaired. The eyes and skin will burn, breathing will be limited, but not life threatening and coughing will also occur. An additional feature to consider is a Pepper Spray with a UV dye. In addition to the symptoms mentioned, the dye will stain the skin of the criminal and glow when put under a black light aiding the police in identification. “Spray and Get Away!” is the best way to describe this method of protection.

Stun Guns are another form of protection. The energy from a Stun Gun will temporarily disable the muscle group that is hit, making it possible for you to escape. Having a model that has a 'disable pin' is a good safety feature. Should the criminal take the Stun Gun from you and the disable pin is dislodged, it can't be used against you. This method of protecting yourself is called "Stun and Run"!

Damsel in Defense has an important and powerful September Special dedicated to Real Estate Professionals. Consider your personal safety. You have a right to get home to those you love.

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