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Holla-ween Children's Safety

Trick or Treaters

We all have vivid memories of Halloween and the excitement it brings.

Sitting in school and watching the clock with

anticipation was agonizing as time seemed to go backwards, antsy waiting for the last bell to ring. Our classroom Halloween party was a fun diversion but still the clock wouldn't tick off the minutes fast enough.

The bell would finally ring, we'd run home, speed through our chores, homework and (gasp!) dinner, waiting for the sun to go down, getting our costumes on, continually asking our parents if we could start our Trick or Treat adventure - and the answer would be 'no', it's not dark yet! Dusk would finally set in and we'd begin the adventure with our friends. Running from porch to porch hollering 'Trick or Treat', the doors opened and the candy flowed!

Children are little devils, so sometimes we'd sneak a bar of soap or a small candle out of our house, and if someone didn't answer our plea, we'd soap or wax their windows. It was innocent fun, and no damage was done; we were just being kids letting the household know that they were being Scrooges (just in time for Christmas, right?). Those were the days.

Our adventures were safe, and we didn't have a care in the world. Of course, our parents would caution us not to talk to strangers, and look both ways before crossing the street, but it wasn't anything we hadn’t heard before. Society was much simpler, and everyone knew everyone in our neighborhoods. There was literally very little danger.

The evening would wane, we'd head home, our bags filled with treats. We'd dump our load on a table, our parents would pick out their favorites with only a cursory check for any possible danger. We'd get sugared up and, gleefully, barely sleep that night. Our world has changed.

Today parents escort their younger children and when Trick or Treating is done, they go through the candy to make sure everything given to them is safe. If something is questionable, it's thrown out.

Damsel in Defense is celebrating October and Halloween and is focused on the safety of our children. We're calling it 'Holla-ween' and for a good reason.

One of the spookiest nights of the year should also be one of the safest. Our Holla-ween bundle will equip your kids with every tool they'll need to avoid double, double toil and trouble! Arm them with their choice of a Heart Defender Badge, a Holla' His or Hers Personal Alarm bundled together with our exclusive Halloween Candy Pail and Flashlight. Plus, the Pamphlet includes Heart Defender tips that will help prepare them for their night out with fun activities to play as a family.

This bundle is available October 1, 2017 through October 31, 2017 (11:59pm PST) or while supplies last - Price: $25.00.​

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