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The Perfect Gift - Gotcha Stun Gun!

Are you thinking about that perfect gift

this season?

Give the ones you love the gift of Safety.

Our "Gotcha Stun Gun"

is a 'must have', and it's

priced just right!!

Think about your safety and the safety of those you love.

College campuses ~ Streets ~ Parking lots

Underground parking ~ Elevators

Laundromats ~ Bus benches

Public bathrooms ~ Stairwells

Disguised as a Camera, this Stun Gun has what

you want and need should you find yourself

in a threatening situation.

Perfect for realtors, college students,

working professionals, busy Moms -

and the list goes on!

Features: 120 Decibel alarm to sound for help, battery life indicator, USB wall and car chargers. Also includes a power-bank to charge other electronics. LED flashlight. Regular price: $80 Sale price: $50 (tax and processing additional)

#christmas #safety #stungun #perfectgift #protection

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