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The Safety Advocate -

I have sent out periodic Blogs about Damsel in Defense. I hope you find them interesting. My intent is to give you information and show you our Safety Tools, not bombard your inbox.

I think it is important to have a sense of who the person is behind the scene. Like you, I get a multitude of Emails and Blogs, but do not really know who the person is.

There is a back story that is an important piece of my commitment to Damsel in Defense. It was introduced to me four years ago. I did not understand the attraction until a friend encouraged me to pursue this opportunity - that it would be my Legacy business. It was she that helped me put my personal puzzle together and I am eternally grateful. I and my children are survivors of many things - and so many of us share this incredibly powerful sisterhood and our stories. This is my reason for being a Damsel Representative.

I was a Painting Contractor for 28 years, and was known as The Paintress.

I was called a Renegade and a Pioneer because back then, women did not work in the construction field. Owning my business was fun for a long time, and I am a Journeyman Painter. My Son was with me for 17 years, and when he and his wife moved to Idaho 6 years ago, it was like someone cut off my arms. It has been described to me that their moving was my 'train wreck moment'. It truly was.

I struggled to keep The Paintress afloat for a long time, my integrity and ethics the forefront of my reputation and business. Finding someone to fill his very big shoes was impossible. Damsel in Defense came into my life at a time when I needed a new direction.

I made the decision to close the door and move on. Walking away was huge and painful. I have only been working my Damsel business full time for 2 years. You might say I am in my infancy but as I did with my painting business, I jumped in with both feet, learned fast and hard and have so much to share. What Damsel has taught me, as well as so many awesome women I have presented Damsel to and have heard their stories, I know I made the right decision.

I recently branded myself as The Safety Advocate. This came out of nowhere from whatever powers that be. It is a powerful statement and more will be revealed to me in how to utilize it beside Damsel in Defense.

I will continue to send you occasional Blogs and eventually The Safety Advocate will be part of them. Until then, it is Damsel in Defense,

My commitment is to share information about Safety and Awareness through

in-home Empower Hours and various presentations I give to women's groups and professional offices, just to name a few. I am not just about selling you Safety Tools, although this is my livelihood. Us women in particular are vulnerable in our world as it is today. My objective is to keep you safe in your life, and to keep those you love safe, first through education. I have a lot of information to share with you. I would consider it a gift for you to host an in-home Empower Hour or refer me to a women's organization. Simply by doing that, you are part of our mission.

Simple question - who do you know to help me share Damsel's mission and possibly save a life? Be safe!

Empower Educate Equip

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