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The Safety Advocate

Linda Benecke 310-973-7660

These tools are a Trio of Safety for everyone, especially our college students for that

"'What If" situation and that "Just In Case" solution.

This Get a Grip Stun Gun has proven to be a fan favorite.

Get your grip on this deterrent!

Get A Grip Stun Gun

1. Exclusive colors now available!

2. USB wall & car charger

3. Battery life indicator

4. The sound that the stun gun emits can be intimidating enough to deter a would-be attacker

5. Disable pin prevents item from being used against you

Lifetime Guarantee

If you order this month you get a free pepper spray or striking tool.

Price - $70

To Whom It May Concern Tactical Pen

This multi-use striking tool is a self-defense item that can be used as a flashlight and features a jagged edge to obtain DNA from an attacker. All of this comes disguised as a normal pen with a free ink refill!

Lifetime Guarantee

Price - $25

Hot 'Lil Hand Pepper Spray

Hot 'Lil Hand Pepper Spray

1. Locking, glow-in-the-dark nozzle 2. Shoots up to 16 feet 3. Causes no permanent injury 4. Works on those under the influence of drugs or alcohol 5. Safety feature prevents accidental discharge 6. Great for walkers and runners 7. Expiration date stamped on bottom of canister

Price - $25

Take advantage of our awesome Summer Sale that's going on.

Please contact me with any questions about Damsel Products.

Consider hosting an Empower Hour and earn free and

half price safety tools!!

Don't forget - Christmas is Coming!!!


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