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SAFE Hearts - Empowering Children

Damsel in Defense, in collaboration with Destiny Rescue, now has two homes, Cambodia and India, rescuing children from the Sex Trafficking Trade. Damsel tools are not only for your personal safety.

Your purchase also support our Global Mission. We have only just begun! Please join us in Rescuing Children.

SAFETY begins at home. Empower your children with our SAFE Hearts Program.

Empower, Educate and Equip your children

SAFE Hearts Parent Guide

12 Essential Family Safety "Kid-versations"

Resource Guide for parents

This informational guide is a helpful resource for parents as they navigate through safety conversations with their children about important and necessary topics.

5% of proceeds support counseling services for those affected by childhood sexual assault.


SAFE Hearts Bundle

Educational bundle for you and your

family's "Kid-versation"

• HOLLA Keychain • SAFE Hearts Parent Guide • SAFE Hearts Book Bag • SAFE Hearts book collection

2 new books Spanish editions available

Products can be purchased separately


Multi-Shay Backpack

Wear it as a backpack, cross body or side shoulder to carry your concealed weapon and other goods. This premium bag features a pocket for our SafeLee SLeave Bulletproof insert.


SafeLee Sleave - Bulletproof Panel

This safety tool slides into any backpack or bag for firearm coverage. We hate that there is a need for this product in our line, but we are proud to answer the requests of so many. 10 inches x 12 inches.

Product complies with NIJ IIIA


Linda Benecke The Safety Advocate


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