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The Safety Advocate - Linda Benecke 310-973-7660

If your Thanksgiving plans include traveling, whether driving or flying,

or by bus or train, it is also important to include safety tools in your plans.

Junk in the Trunk Emergency Car Kit

This comprehensive kit includes anything you might need in an emergency situation. It is something every car should have for that

'just in case' moment whether you are on a city street or on a road trip.

Road Trip Auto Tool

Every car whether in the city or on the road should have this tool. It has a 3-function flashlight, emergency alarm, beacon, seat belt cutter and strike-free glass punch/breaker. The flashlight rim has magnets so you can attach it to

the outside of your car door or your roof to alert traffic and

emergency services.

Step Off Portable Entry Alarm

This tool will sound a 120-decibel alarm

to wake you and scare an intruder away should

someone try to open your door or window. Personal security for home or in hotel or motel. This is also an important tool to contain special needs people to prevent them from walking out the door. Suction mechanism attaches to windows and the movement sensor

secures doors, windows and sliders. 2 AA batteries (not included)

Little Ringer Stun Gun

Our Stun Gun has a 3-way charge: USB, wall and car charger.

It also has a battery life indicator so you know how charged up it is. The sound it emits can be intimidating enough to deter a would-be attacker, either 2 legged or 4 legged. It has a Disable Pin and if it is

disconnected, it can't be used against you.

Charge 8 hours every 30 days.

Stun guns are subject to possible area restrictions. For more

information ask your Independent Damsel Pro or visit


I saw a blind person and I am Thankful I can see. I saw a deaf person and I am Thankful for my hearing. I saw a child confined to a wheel chair and I am Thankful for my legs. I saw an amputee and I am Thankful for my limbs. I saw a homeless person and I am Thankful for my home.

We only have one life and Damsel in Defense wants you around for a long time!! Let's be Thankful for our Lives and Protect Them.

Order your safety tools directly: or contact me and I'll be happy to assist you.

Be prepared and think about your "What If Situation" and your "Just In Case Solution"

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