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To Whom it May Concern Tactical Pen

The holidays, shopping, celebrating and traveling are here as we visit family and friends.

Some Damsel Tools cannot be taken on planes or other types of public transportation - unless they are in your luggage.

There are also some state regulations for Pepper Sprays and Stun Guns.

Many times I've had customers purchase a Pepper Spray or Kubaton and because it was on their person it was confiscated, not realizing that they qualify as a weapon.

Well - - Damsel in Defense has a solution for a great Self Defense tool that you can take anywhere.

How about a "To Whom It May Concern Tactical Pen"? We all carry a pen and like our other tools, it is just a matter of keeping it handy should you be in a frightening situation.

Take it on planes and other means of public transporation or a concert venue or ball game - because it is disguised as a PEN but it's a Kubaton with a Flashlight and a DNA collector!

This is an awesome Self Defense tool not only for you but how about a great Christmas gift? How about your college student or realtor? How about being in a parking lot, a mall or other public place?

Predators hid in plain sight. They don't have 'predator' stamped on their forehead right? They walk among us.

Refuse to be a victim.

Protect not only you, but those you love!!

To Whom it May Concern Tactical Pen

Another Awesome Product by Damsel in Defense!

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