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A Career Journey

Chapter 1 - Who I am.

I decided to blog about various topics rather than talking about Damsel and safety and expand into chapters to share information. I would appreciate your input and you are welcome to ask questions!

I worked in Corporate America in the computer industry for years. I am a self-starter, problem solver and a go-getter. My last employer - I was laid off from Hughes Aircraft after 4 years in the late 80's - big sigh of relief - and didn't know what I was going to do but knew what I wasn't going to do anymore!

I took my business experience into a totally different world, the blue-collar world of the construction industry.

While pondering my life, I decided to paint my living room. I didn't know which end of a paint brush to use. This was going to be a wild ride. I met a gal at the store wearing painter whites and she hired me for a couple jobs and saw I had the aptitude. I didn't know there was such a thing as a professional painter. The Universe and Karma are alive and well. She wanted to get out of painting and enter the computer industry doing CAD (computer aided design) and of course I fled the computer industry! She was injured in a car accident, so I finished her projects. She gave me tons of seed-planting information and a wild ride is putting it mildly. Back then I had an unlisted number (remember that?) and my phone started ringing for small projects. She walked me through them. I am eternally grateful she held my hand. I finally figured out which end of the brush to use. I threw away my panty hose and high heels and traded for tennis shoes and painter whites!

I retired the Paintress, Inc. a few years back and it was like losing a friend. Having 30 years in construction, the knowledge I've gained is priceless. This is one topic I plan on discussing in future blogs. Still today I look at homes and want to knock on doors and talk to the resident about the important word "Maintenance". You can take the girl out of the trade, but you can't take the trade out of the girl!

I've been called a renegade, a pioneer, and a legend. Women didn't work in construction when I started.

From starting out at the gate, unsure, afraid, and uncertain, I was finally respected by my contractor peers. My business became personal referral only, which is the highest compliment you can give a business. Oh, did I forget?? I'm a Journeyman painter on top of everything else!!!

I hope you look forward to Chapter 2!

Be safe and well!


O 310-973-7660

C 310-462-2278

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