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Building Safety by a Guest Blogger

6 Trends in Commercial and Residential Building Safety Features

Large buildings, whether residential or commercial, have their own unique safety issues and solutions. If you work in, live in, or own one, it's important to understand the safety features of your building. Here are just a few features trending in safety technology.

1. Cloud-Based Business Management

Cloud-based business management software is an excellent tool providing comprehensive protection through video, messaging, and intrusion detection. These programs manage visitors digitally and monitor business operations as well. It is a fully integrated system that can access first responders in case of an emergency. The system operator can manage on or off-site using remote controls. They can lock doors and control building elevators, and this is all from a single source, which significantly cuts back labor costs while making a commercial or residential building significantly safer.

2. Gate Access Control Systems

Gate access control systems are very common in residential buildings. These systems allow the controller to monitor anyone entering or leaving the area, typically by vehicle. A gated community will usually have a surveillance officer in a booth who allows entry to invited guests and refuses entry for unauthorized requests. It keeps community members safe from potential threats and keeps a record of anyone who comes and goes. A single residential property can also use gate access controls, which can have cloud-based camera capabilities that allow them to monitor visitors remotely and open or close the gate.

3. Sensory Lighting

Sensory lights are not a new trend, but they only grow in popularity. Research shows they are beneficial for saving money by reducing energy usage and deterring crime. Businesses use sensory light switches to ensure lights in unused rooms remain off. They typically have a sensor just above the switch, which activates when someone enters the room. Sensory flood lighting is common on commercial and residential properties. People typically mount them close to entrances and windows to deter anyone from attempting to break into the property. Many security systems also include sensory monitoring.

4. Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring has become one of the most popular trends in security. As previously mentioned, business management systems and gate access systems use remote monitoring. Many homeowners use this type of software as well. Now that you can purchase remote monitoring security systems that operate through Wi-Fi, you no longer need a sophisticated system, requiring installation and wiring. The most basic systems allow you to place a motion sensor with a camera that begins recording when detecting movement. You'll receive an alert on your phone, so you can watch the camera footage live from anywhere and even speak through the camera to the person at your door.

5. Electromagnetic Door Locks

Electromagnetic door locks are a common way that commercial properties monitor areas open only to employees and vendors. Key fobs and swipe cards are used to open the lock simply by swiping them across the lock pad. Each key has an embedded code to access the unlocking mechanism. These are very difficult to crack, and the locks are usually made of steel.


Finally, not to be overlooked is your home’s HVAC system. If improperly maintained, this can be a massive safety risk, not just for the health of a property’s occupants but for its overall integrity, too. There is the need, therefore, to stay on top of its maintenance and repairs. You don’t want to wait until the system is making funny sounds or the heating and cooling are not working right. Look for local HVAC companies to perform regular maintenance, repairs, and even replacements.

Safety is a broad term to describe many elements of bodily and property protection. Some demographics are more vulnerable to personal injury crimes, and building owners naturally have concerns about keeping their properties and their visitors safe, with adequate lighting and ventilation and more. These trends are making it more difficult for criminals to inflict harm. Visit Damsel Pro Gal for more safety tips and products.

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