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Children and Safe Hearts

It is important for parents to have "kid-versations" with your children about safety. Our Safe Hearts program educates the parents first with the Parents Guide, and then the next step is introducing information to your children. Safe Hearts is an invaluable tool to help make challenging topics easy to discuss.

The Door Opener - Our Proactive Parent Guide

It covers 12 essential Family Safety Topics.

This helpful resource is packed full of tips and guidance

for parents as you navigate through safety "kid-versations"

with your children.

1. Why We’re Having These Conversations 2. What You May Feel as a Parent 3. What is Abuse & What are the Effects of It 4. Creating Boundaries for and with Your Child 5. Guidelines for Prevention 6. Parent-to-Parent Prevention

7. Signs of Abuse 8. The Fork in the Road: What Do You Do Now 9. Seeking a Qualified Professional 10. Why Role Play is Important 11. Protecting Your Child’s Eyes in a Digital World 12. Understanding Abuse in Children with Disabilities

Our Safe Heart story books are situationally written and easy for children to understand. They are a simple way to instill safety and recognize those 'red flags' warnings they might feel in a situation.

It is a good idea to have a 'Safe Word' with your children. This is a word they will easily remember; something they love to eat, i.e. pizza, a simple activity they love to do, i.e. riding their 'bicycle' or their favorite pet. This word would also be shared with someone you entrust their safety with. If someone approached your children, and he/she asked this person what the 'safe word' is, and they don't know it, this is a dangerous situation for them. Also, teach them to flee the situation or run to the closest house for help.

The Safety Advocate Linda Benecke 310-973-7660

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