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Elderly/Seniors and Music

Some use the word "Elderly' when talking about our older generation. I prefer to use the term 'Senior', like graduating from High School! We made it! Yaayy!. This Blogger is a Senior and it carries the connotation of success, accomplishment and a lifetime of knowledge - and still raring to go! The word 'Elderly' to me means frailty and nearing the end of life. Fortunately the terminology has changed.

Have you considered taking your Senior person to a music event? It would be an awesome gift to give them - the gift of cherished memories. Many have 'everything' so giving them a gift for their birthday or holiday can be a challenge. Also, taking pictures at an event is something they can cherish and reminisce about for a long time!

Us Seniors lived the best generation of music that cannot be replaced; music that many of our younger generation love, having listened to it with their parents. My house always had music playing. I'm grateful my children enjoy and appreciate our generational tunes. The term 'Golden Oldies' are exactly that. They're Golden.

I'm certain that nostalgia washes over you listening to music. I'm also certain that you take a ride on your 'go back' machine and relive your memories inspired by a song. They seem to hide deep in our psyche but that one special tune brings them rushing forward and it is a beautiful thing to relive the memories.

I've always been a music person and having attended over 70 concerts, it is always so gratifying to see younger people rocking out - and us 'Seniors' are rocking out too! I've been treated to many as a gift or 'just because'. Memories! Holy cow!!! Talk about mental stimulation!

Consider the gift of music for that special birthday, anniversary or holiday. Treat them to their own ride on their 'go back' machine!

I'll bet they are still that 'cool'!!!

Linda Benecke The Safety Advocate Damsel in Defense

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