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Gift Ideas For Those You Love O 310-973-7660 C 310-462-2278

I'm thinking it was just January!

This time thing slips by too quickly and I'm sure most everyone feel the same way.

With the celebration time of year just around the corner as well as other special occasions, choosing that special gift can be a challenge. I'd like to share some ideas for you to consider for that special someone.

How about a personal alarm? Noise is an important deterrent whether you are a woman, man, elder or child. Predators do not like attention brought to them. It is an important line of defense.

Our 'Heard a Pin Drop' personal alarm is important to carry. It can alert others for assistance in a variety of emergencies. Think about your child in a public bathroom or your student on campus, in a parking lot or walking down the street.

How about a gift for your nail or hair person or other trades that get tips? Our 'Sassy Spray' is a good tip storage container. Jewelry, money and other important items can be stored in it as well.

Car safety is as important as safety in your home, neighborhood or on the highway. This 'Emergency Safety Tool' is a must have for every car. It has numerous beeps and whistles. Think about a breakdown or flat tire on the highway. What an awesome safety gift!! It is also a good tool for the weekend warrior that treks through the mountains or goes camping. The siren, strobe light and beacon can bring help.

How about a stocking stuffer or birthday gift! Pepper Spray is a must have for everyone over the age of 18.

It will disable a threatening person in record time. It even works on people under the influence of drugs.

All of our pepper sprays have a UV dye for police identification. They will 'glow' under a UV light.

Our latest Protected Pepper with Shield Technology is a Panic Button Pepper Spray that sends Bluetooth alerts and location to your trusted contacts through our Shield Community App. Check it out. A Pepper spray with Bluetooth technology!

How about having a Stun Gun on your key chain?

Our Little Ringer is small, compact and still packs a wallop.

It has a disable pin to prevent it from being used against you.

The sound that the stun device emits can be intimidating enough

to deter a would-be attacker.

Before you know it the holidays will be upon us. Planning and shopping can be a lot of fun and relieve the pressure of being rushed. I hope you will consider a Damsel in Defense Safety Tool for those you love. Is it better to need it and not have it or have it and not need it?

I am always available for suggestions on which tool might be best for the person you are thinking about.

Be Safe!!! O 310-973-7660 C 310-462-2278

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