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Has it Happened to You?

I was in a store parking lot headed for my van. An undesirable person was at the door and started following me hollering obscenities. I felt him advancing. I had my pepper spray ready, turned around feet firmly planted, and hollered ’STOP’. He saw I was prepared to defend myself and backed away and I got to my vehicle safely. I was shaken and grateful I had my pepper spray. My ‘what if’ and ‘just in case’ hit me in the middle of the forehead and reinforced my personal safety and what I talk about in my Damsel presentations.

Another time I was going for my walk late in the morning. The street was empty, most people at work. I was the next street over from where I live and a car came around the corner and slowed down, pacing me a couple houses. His window was down enough to have clear vision of me. I had my pepper spray ready and turned to him and hollered ‘STOP’. He took off like a rocket. That was a good indication that he was up to no good. He might have had someone parked around the corner waiting for his signal to join him in assaulting or robbing me. These predators don’t work alone. Now I do my walking later in the afternoon when neighbors and kids are out and there’s activity on the street. Lesson learned.

Has something like this happened to you or someone you know?

Damsel in Defense is about Educate, Empower and Equip. Having done many Damsel presentations, my focus sharing these situations is Education along with other safety information. In presenting my personal experiences (there are others beside these 2) most of the time women in the audience will talk about what happened to them. Sharing is Empowerment. It is enlightening to hear other women's stories. We are an incredible sisterhood.

Pepper Spray Alarm Stun Gun

It is important to always be ready for that 'what if' - and have your 'just in case'.

If you think about it, should a crime be committed against you the police will be called after it has happened. Having a Damsel tool could prevent it from happening. What could have happened to me in my experiences?

Remember that predators hide in plain sight. They rely on us not paying attention to what's going on around us. My pepper spray might have saved me from a real tragedy! I got home safely.

Put serious thought into your vulnerability and safety, especially in our world today.

Thank you for reading this blog!

The Safety Advocate, Linda Benecke

Damsel in Defense

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