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How safe are you - what would you do if...?

Being ready for a multitude of situations is not being paranoid. It is being prepared. It starts with your mindset, and is backed up with tools.

Having self-defense tools for any situation can give you the peace of mind that you are ready to protect yourself and your loved ones.

We grew up listening to our parents with their frequent warnings. We thought they were being over protective and maybe we felt like we were being nagged.

Our intuition is our first line of defense which is why our parents continually reminded us about safety. Being aware of our surroundings with our gut instinct was their lesson.

I have had several scary situations, and am grateful to have Damsel in Defense in my life. I had a parking lot experience being followed, I went for my walk and had a car driving along slowly next to me watching me. Even busy gas stations carry their own danger; I was being watched by someone and when I drove off I went up and down various streets to make sure I wasn't being followed. I've always had a Damsel tool available for that 'just in case' moment. A 'professed solicitor' came to my door wanting me to 'fill out a survey' and tried in vain to get me to open my door and take his clip board. Ultimately I told him I had just taken his picture and he bolted off my porch. My gut instinct was on 'fire warning'; I could tell he was up to no good.

Before Damsel entered my life, I was reasonably vigilant with my awareness of my surroundings. The more I learned about the many situations that might be dangerous, my reasonable vigilance turned into being hyper-vigilant. Remember that if it feels dangerous, it probably is.

I truly enjoy meeting people and talking about safety whether it is one person, or a group of people. My own personal experiences are important to share. In speaking to groups, most of the time someone will talk about their own experiences and it is empowering to listen to their stories for others to hear.

Remember that it is better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it!

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