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It Won't Happen To Me!

Before joining Damsel in Defense I was your garden variety human. I didn't think about safety going for my walk and when I did it was a passing thought. I'd hear noise from behind me, a kid on a skateboard or bicycle, and it startled me momentarily until I'd turn around to see who it was. Then I'd let out a sigh of relief. Seeds of awareness and safety were being planted from way back.

Eight years ago Damsel in Defense came into my life. The knowledge I've gained is priceless and I am always excited to share it and plant safety seeds.

Public parking lots? I didn't pay much attention to what was going on around me. The 'what if' question wasn't in my brain; My attention was on my shopping list. I'd walk to the store and back not mindful of anything except shopping. My blinders were on and I was on a mission.

The past 35 years I've been driving vans both personally and professionally. I'm a hyper vigilant driver; watching the traffic around me, aware and all eyes on deck for a possible collision. Vans are a challenge to drive because we drive with walls and rear view mirrors. I was focused on a collision, not on any other safety possibilities.

I learned about parking lot safety including vans and motor homes from Damsel and a multitude of other resources. I never thought about parking next to one and having the side door open and BAM - I'm gone. Reality.

I drive one and I will not park next to one.

A simple safety tip - do not park next to vans and motor homes. If one parks next to you, go back to the store and ask someone to walk you to your vehicle or get in through the passenger side Always look around your vehicle and you can see underneath it as you walk up to it. Criminals love to hide between vehicles.

The thought of 'it won't happen to me' is something we all would like to believe. It happens to other people - until it happens to you or someone you love.

The reality is that danger lives around us - more so now. Criminals hide in plain sight. It can happen to any one of us. Please think about that 'what if'. I didn't until Damsel came into my life, I always carry my 'just in case' to be prepared for my 'what if'. My 'just in case' is a stun gun, a pepper spray and an alarm. Criminals do not like noise. It brings attention to them. Noise is a great deterrent. Not only women and men, but children and elders in particular should carry an alarm.

As always I'm available by text, phone and email. Should you need a suggestion on what to get you or someone else please contact me. Better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it!

The Safety Advocate, Linda Benecke

Damsel in Defense Representative

O 310-973-7660 C 310-462-2278

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