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Last year was a traveling year; four road trips covering thousands of miles and numerous states from Mount Rushmore in South Dakota to the upper peninsula of Michigan, to Virginia Beach, Virginia and New Orleans, Louisiana to mention a few. I had my safety tools so I did not have serious concern for our safety like I would have had before joining Damsel in Defense.

We visited numerous rest stops in every state and it was encouraging to see posters on the walls of missing children. The amount of sex trafficking going on is frightening and it is a reality. Consider it happening to someone you know. It is finally being brought out in the open and it is about time.

Damsel has two rescue homes: Cambodia and India. We are also involved with Destiny Rescue. They literally go into these brothels and rescue victims including children, women and boys. These predators are global, not just in our communities.

I question how many parents drive their children to school instead of them walking, allowing them to play out in front of their homes or allowing them to go to the store/shopping alone. I'm sure parents are more cautious than ever and feel the potential danger. On my street, parents are outside watching the kids play.

I would like to share the following information. This organization is 'The Blue Campaign' - One voice, One mission to end human trafficking. The following is directly from their website:

Online Safety

Predators and human traffickers can gain access to victims online because people are not always aware of how dangerous online environments can be or how to keep themselves safe. While the Internet is a terrific way to stay in touch with friends and family, predators take advantage of this and actively stalk online meeting places such as chat rooms and social media sites to lure their victims.

Another serious danger is our children walk around with their cell phones stuck to their faces. They are totally unaware of what is going on around them which is something predators are looking for. They could be assaulted, robbed, or worse yet kidnapped. Parents need to have conversations with them about cell phone use, awareness and safety. When not at home, cell phones should be used for checking in for safety or emergencies only. I've had kids almost walk into me, their faces stuck to their phones when I'm just walking down the street.

There is an App. mSpy. You can download it on your child's phone and it runs in the background and you track their activity. Having this App could save their life,

Checks out these links. They are worth watching...

Thank you for reading my Blog.

The Safety Advocate Linda Benecke C 310-462-2278 -

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