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Summer Fun, Adventure and Safety

A note from the Safety Advocate

My daughter and I took 2 road trips recently and visited numerous states. Seeing our country is an amazing experience. Every state is so different, not only with the landscape and weather but the people are welcoming and friendly.

Our first trip included a 3-week adventure. Stops included (not in order) Texas, New Orleans, Memphis (Graceland), Johnny Cash Museum and a visit to the Cash graves, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, the Black Hills of South Dakota, Mount Rushmore, Deadwood, Idaho, Lake Tahoe and the list goes on.

The second trip took us on Route 66, our first highway - the Mother Road that goes from Santa Monica to Chicago. If you've not driven it, it is an experience you'll never forget! So many places to stop, so much history, amazing motels and food too! Arizona - We were standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona and such a fine sight to see! (Glenn Frey, Eagles). Then it was Nevada, New Mexico, Kansas (Dodge City) and drove as far as Colorado; so many stops and such fine sights to see!

An important part of planning our trip was safety. What did I bring to keep us safe? Step-Off Door Alarms, Stun Guns, Pepper Spray, Personal Alarms and Road Trip Flashlights. No matter where we were, we had something to self-protect. It is an empowering feeling with safety on our side.

We are living in a new reality that is causing serious concerns about safety with everything that is going on with our open borders. It is not only innocent people that are crossing; X 15 Gang members, the Cartel that is making millions off innocent people, Sex Traffickers, Drugs and Criminals not only from the southern countries, but people from overseas that are crossing our borders - maybe terrorists.

Now more than ever it is top priority to carry something to self-protect. Remember, it can happen to anyone, any place, any time, and it is not only women at risk; children, elders and men are at risk as well.

Whether you are at home or planning a trip, I welcome the opportunity to help plan your safety. I hope you'll put that at the top of your list. We have one life and above all else, it is the only important thing we have.

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