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The 'P' word of Protection

Who is The Safety Advocate...

I enjoy sharing information about Damsel in Defense and safety. I would like to do this blog about The Safety Advocate. In our world of technology our personal interaction and getting to know each other has lessened.

It has been an amazing learning experience being a representative for Damsel in Defense for eight years. We are all vulnerable and I am grateful to share what I have learned with others.

I transitioned from protecting my customer's homes to protecting people lives with Damsel in Defense. What started with active advertising grew into personal referrals, which is the highest compliment I could get; a reflection of my ethics, integrity and skill. Looking at me you'd never know I'm a Journeyman painter; not only with a brush but I can spray out a building with proficiency! I no longer felt intimidated by my competitors.

Being a woman in the trades, I've been called a pioneer, a renegade and a legend. I jumped into a man's world and here I was almost 40 starting this business. Holy cow! Boy did I ever have to build a thick skin. There weren't many other women in the trades at that point in time.

Educating my potential customer about what needed to be done to protect their investment was my first order of business; that is what our homes are, an investment! I also encouraged them to get 3 bids and check out the company on the Contractor State Licensing Board website. Information is empowerment.

With summer here, many people will be involved with their homes. Should anyone reading this have any questions about their painting project, I enjoy paying it forward and sharing my knowledge. There is so much to learn beyond drop clothes, paint and paint buckets.

I appreciate your taking time to read my blog and hope you've gotten to know me outside of stun guns and pepper sprays!

I'm available for protection in two different worlds - properties and people! My "P"!

The Safety Advocate

Linda Benecke

O 310-973-7660 C 310-462-2278

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