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Traveling and Safety

As things open up, people are making plans for summer, including traveling. No matter where you are, whether at home or out in our world, it is of upmost importance to consider your safety first. We think that 'it can't happen to me', but the reality is that it can. It is better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it right? Do you include safety in your packing list? If not, why not?

Previous to joining Damsel in Defense some 7 years ago, the top of my list was my makeup and blow dryer. I never considered protecting my life. I was your garden variety human, walking through my life as we all do. What's this safety thing?

Boy did I ever learn a lot from Damsel in Defense, and today I have reinvented myself to include safety above all else and at the top of my list. The makeup and blow dryer are on the bottom.

We recently went on a 3-week road trip, visited 19 states, and traveled over 7000 miles. There are no words to describe this trip and our country. Indescribable is a good word. Every state is like it's own country. As I was making my packing list, I included numerous Damsel in Defense tools.

My list included:

Pepper spray

Stun gun

Junk in the trunk emergency tool kit

Road trip flash light

Personal alarm

To whom it may concern tactical pen

Step off door alarm

We stayed in numerous hotels and motels; from the elegant to the not-so-elegant places.. I felt secure in knowing that if there was a threatening situation, we were protected and ready to defend us. Road side rest areas in particular carry their own danger, so it's important to use the buddy system for safety when using the facilities. One never knows what might be lurking around the corner...

Please put safety at the top of your packing list, Be hyper vigilant, and follow your gut. It is the first line of defense.. I wish you safe travels!

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