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Women, Instincts and Self Defense

Is it Damsel in Distress, or Damsel in Defense?

The dynamics of the world have changed.

Girls have been raised believing they need protecting. Each one of us is born with a rather remarkable self-defense system; dexterity, acute senses, strength, agility, intellect, cleverness and fantastic intuition.

Women can protect themselves. Women don't need men to guard them. Women need to realize they have a powerful resource within themselves. Our survival instinct is a gift from nature that knows a lot more about our safety than anyone else.

Personal safety and self-defense is just as relevant now as it has ever been. Awareness and trusting your intuition are a big part of that and the need to be prepared to handle scared, frustrated, or angry people while out handling essential tasks in public is a reality.

We all have that internal instinct. It is important to pursue education and training to protect each and every one of us. Along with teaching ourselves about safety, it is critical to empower our children and families as well. There are numerous online programs you can join. There are also support groups. Reaching out to these organizations will help keep us safe in our changed world.

I attended a seminar by Ellen Snortland that wrote 'Beauty Bites Beast'. It was an incredibly powerful presentation. We had a conversation afterwards, she gave me her book, and asked me to share it with everyone which is why I'm including her in this blog. She was grateful to me for being a Damsel in Defense Representative, sharing education and safety. Her contact information is:

Ellen is also involved in this workshop: 'Impact Personal Safety'.

The 'NO MORE' organization has published a Global Directory of resources.

The link is:

My Damsel in Defense Presentation:

Think about your intuition which is your first line of defense. There is a multitude of knowledge free for the taking on the internet including The Safety Advocate, DamselProGal, Damsel in Defense. It is about Empowerment, Education and Equipping you and those you love.

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